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About Us

About Us



Bitxcoin is a new cryptocurrency/company that is looking to innovate the Global Payment System.

Some consider Bitxcoin to be like Bitcoin as a payment system, but Bitxcoin is expected to be better due to its more effective blockchain technology platform. This can also make it a more stable currency unlike Bitcoin, which suffers from high volatility. This can assist it in becoming a more suitable payment system with the likelihood of being utilised in the long-term. The team consists of successful early stage bitcoin investors looking for the next up and coming cryptocurrency and a development team that’s helped develop several other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitxcoin developers already have Bitxcoin able to process faster then Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Bitcoin and close to the speed of Visa for merchant processing. This will make it a sought after payment system and create long term value. They are also working on enabling lightning network so it will be instant transactions with unlimited scalability.


Bitxcoin is recruiting a wide team of Advisors with diverse backgrounds to add to its expanding team. This will ensure not only its long term success, but also its corporate governance is to a high level. This will allow Bitxcoin to be prepared when regulation occurs.


A 5 Member Ethics Committee is being put in place also to ensure management and operations are held fully accountable to the highest standards expected of fast growing organisations.


Bitxcoin has recruited some of the top Blockchain Developers who have been developing the Blockchain for leading Global Investment Banks.

Key Details

  • Store Of Wealth: Just like Bitcoin, Bitxcoin makes a great store of wealth in the event of another banking crisis.
  • Trade: Trading Cryptocurrencies is big business. Bitxcoin will soon be able to be traded on numerous Exchanges.
  • Cash: Convert it to cash or other Cryptocurrencies to buy things.
  • Branded Bitxcoin Debit Card: In the future to enable seamless transactions between Crypto and Fiat and for ease of spending.

White Paper

The future payment system backed by real assets. Bitxcoin is a new Cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin, yet is backed by a far superior blockchain technology platform as well as an almost instant payment system that will enable transactions as fast as Visa. This will be for much lower fees for our merchants than Bitcoin. Find out more, download our Whitepaper.

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Bitxcoin Update

2 billion people globally don’t have bank accounts and they represent a multi-trillion dollar marketplace.

The market for a faster and improved payment system such as Crypto Currencies like Bitxcoin that are faster and superior to the Paypal’s of the world, for existing bank account holders is huge let alone the billions that don’t get have bank accounts and may never need them thanks to disruptive technology.

Bitxcoin finished its ICO last month and is completing requirements to be listed on an exchange.

This process is becoming longer due to the increased numbers of ICOs but we are expected to be listed by Q3 2018.

Developers have been working continually on the speed of Bitxcoin, one of its key benefits.

After the listing the focus will shift to ramping up merchants via a merchant app that will make it easy for merchants to accept Bitcoin and Bitxcoin .
As bitcoin is well known this will help get Bitxcoin into the hands of many merchants and once they see the superior speed we expect significant use of Bitxcoin with merchants.

This also enables you to purchase goods and services at selected merchants with Bitxcoin

With the Global Uncertainty at the moment especially with the fear of a US Dollar crash by some many believe both Crypto and Gold is what many will flee to when the next credit crisis hits.

Below is interview with one of Bitxcoin lead developers on why the need for Bitxcoin.

Think of it as a superior PayPal and superior to Bitcoin.

The future in payments will be belong to the faster and efficient payment systems and blockchain and crypto are expected to be the winners.

Return on Investment

If we had a dollar for every time we have heard “I should have got involved at the start”. Well if you want to see how much you could have earned enter your initial investment and we will calculate the return you could have made.


Detailed Analysis

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Our Advisors

Jason Gavranic
View Profile
Gene Blackely
Advisor / Presenter
View Profile
Jeffrey Tucker
Senior Advisor
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Brett Mccallum
View Profile
Kim Barrett
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Jackie Frost
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Our Team

Ryan Johnson
Head of Affiliates
View Profile

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I sell my coins/tokens after the ICO?

    Yes but subject to the restrictions set in the Whitepaper

    Pre Seed investors ( ie any rounds VELDE the ICO ) have to wait for 2 months after the ICO to be able to sell and then are restricted to a maximum of 8.33% per month.
    Pre Sale buyers ( ie in the ICO ) have to wait only one month to sell and are restricted to the sale of 25% per month.


  • Q3 2017
    Launch on Exchanges
  • Q3 2017
    Expand Merchants
  • Q4 2017
    Launch Merchant Platform
  • Q1 2018
    Launch Branded Debit Cards
  • April 2018
    Accepted onto Two New Exchanges
  • Q3 2018
    Lists on Exchanges Date Expected

Bitxcoin Branded Debit Cards to Become Available


Advancing the blockchain industry by offering branded debit cards and secure payment infrastructure for all companies and ICOs that issue cryptocurrencies.

MoxyOne is an ingenious solution to the issue of under-utilised cryptocurrencies. It allows companies to incorporate a reliable financial infrastructure within their existing ecosystems that gives their token holders an opportunity to spend their tokens. With features such as a debit card, wallet system and virtual debit card, users will be able to make purchases within company ecosystems and “real-world” merchants worldwide. SPEND token holders will have the opportunity to utilise the MoxyOne infrastructure with many benefits such as a rewards system and negligible fees.

Disclaimer: Bitxcoin is considering Moxyone amongst others as a supplier for its Branded Debit cards. However at this stage other then enquiries no agreement of the exact supplier has been finalised yet

  • Branded Debit Cards

    White label MoxyOne debit card and wallet for your own cryptocurrency.

  • SPEND Tokens

    Our token holders will enjoy negligible fees and reward points.

  • Liquidity Providers

    Liquidity Providers will be used to supply fiat in any user’s local currency.

  • Wallet

    Spend your cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases using the debit card.

  • MoxyAI

    Our advanced AI will suggest the best performing crypto at the time of spending for the best possible value.

  • Multiple Tokens

    All major cryptocurrencies will be integrated in the wallet and debit card.

  • Dashboard

    Manage accounts, transactions, statistics and access rewards points.

  • Exchange Listings

    We have a dedicated exchange listing consultant that will be working on listings straight after the token sale ends.

  • Partners

    Partner with MoxyOne to issue your own white labelled debit card / wallet to your token holders.

  • Blockchain Solutions

    Raiden Network & Gladius will be used to provide network solutions and security, respectively.

  • Instant Fiat

    MoxyOne aims to provide a seamless and secure conversion of tokens to fiat at point of sale.

  • Global Access

    MoxyOne aims to provide global availability through partners and liquidity providers.


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